Phuket Shooting Range

Phuket Shooting Range is without doubt the biggest attractions and activities complex on Phuket Island. All these activities are located in a huge park (approx 150,000sq/m) situated some 700m from Chalong circle on the road to Kata Beach. Phuket Shooting Range complex opens daily from 09:00 to 18:00. Please note that all prices mentioned are of March 2013. Drinks and snacks are available at most of the Phuket Shooting Range activities and there is an onsite café.

Phuket Shooting Range lends its name to the entire complex and is part of the Phuket Rifle Association. Here, there’s a good choice of handguns or rifles of different calibers: .22, .38, .45, 9mm, and shotguns. The instructors are extremely professional and stringent rules are in place to assure perfect safety for visitors and shooters alike. For instance, any alcohol and/or inebriated people are strictly forbidden to enter the shooting range.