Thai Spa

A true paradise, created by the Nature.
Thailand is located near the equator with just the right climate and environment for the nature to blossom all year round.
We have taken advantage of this nature setting to create this peaceful evergreen surroundings where you will get lost in its tranquility and leave your hectic city lifestyle behind. Caressed by a cool breeze, you will be revitalized with a magical touch of our best natural herbal products.
Your complexion and body skin will be nurtured to turn back to the clock and gain back your youthful look. After all, you will enjoy the experience and wish it to last forever.



  • PACKAGE. A 1.30Hrs
    Thai massage 60 mins
    Head Neck Back&Shoulder 30 mins
    1290 THB
  • PACKAGE. B 2 Hrs
    Thai massage 50 mins
    Oil massage 40 mins
    Foot massage 30 mins
    1790 THB
  • PACKAGE. C 2Hrs
    Thai massage 50 mins
    Thai Hot Herbel Compress 40 mins
    Head Neck Back&Shoulder 30 mins
    1790 THB
  • PACKAGE D 2.30 Hrs
    Herbal Body Steam. 15 mins
    Body Scrub 40 mins
    Oil massage 50 mins
    Thai massage or Foot massage 45 mins
    2200 THB
  • PACKAGE E 2.30 Hrs
    Herbal Body Steam. 15 mins
    Body Scrub or Mask 30 mins
    Oil massage 60 mins
    Facial Treatment 45 mins
    2500 THB
  • PACKAGE. F 3 Hrs

Thai massage 60 mins
Oil massage & Hotstone 60 mins
Facial Tret ment. 60 mins
3500 THB

Spa Manu
1. Aromatherapy Oli Body Massage
2. Thai Traditional Massage
3. Thai hot Herbel Compress Massage
4. Thai Herbel Facial Massage & Treatment
5. Foot Reflexology Massage
6. Thai herbal Body Scrub
7. Thai Herbal Body Mask
8. Manicure & Pedicure & Painting
9. Hair Spa with Coconut Hair Mask and Hair Shampoo Blow Dry & set
10. Thai Authentic Herbal Bath